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So you’ve got questions about Jubilee? You’ve come to the right place.

What is Jubilee?
Jubilee is an annual weekend conference hosted by the CCO where 3000+ students from all over the country explore our call to live faithfully in every area of life.

When and where?
February 23-25, 2018
The Westin & David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Do I have to find a place to stay in Pittsburgh?
Nope! The cost of the conference includes a two-night stay in the Omni William Penn Hotel, which is gorgeous and super nice. And there’s a Starbucks in the lobby. (But if you’re local and want to save some money and commute, that’s an option.)

Do I have to find a ride down and back?
No way! We take a bus to the conference and back to the Rock.

What about food?
We’ll cover all of your meals except lunch on Saturday. We’ve got you, fam.

What’s the cost?
$259 ($169 registration + $90 housing in a 4 person room) until February 1
$279 ($189 registration + $90 housing in a 4 person room) until February 15
$289 ($199 registration + $90 housing in a 4 person room) onsite
Notice the trend–the earlier you register, the better! But check this out: you only have to pay $50 when you register. The rest can be paid the week before Jubilee. So go ahead and register now. You’ll thank yourself–or your parents will thank you–later.

Money is tight. What if I can’t afford the cost?
We have a scholarship fund that gets distributed to students who want to go, but can’t afford it on their own. If you’re interested in helping us raise money, and/or have a financial need yourself, please talk to Sam. (Sometimes students are shy about asking for money. Don’t feel bad. That’s exactly what this fund is for.)

What do we do at Jubilee?
We sing together. We listen to fantastic speakers. We pray. We peruse the bookstore and the vendors. We enjoy some super fun late night options. We have incredible conversations with each other as we bond as a group and grow in our faith. And we have a blast. Seriously. A blast.

I’ve been to Christian conferences before. What makes Jubilee distinct?
Jubilee is focused on the public implications of our personal transformation. What does your faith mean for the way you live your life in the here and now, and what does it mean for the life of the Church as we seek to be the Body of Christ in his world? These are the big questions Jubilee explores.

So how does Jubilee connect to my life?
Not only do we explore these questions from a big-picture perspective, but there are smaller workshops that explore them in specific areas of work and life. Whatever your career path–education, health care, business, helping professions, or anything–there’s a workshop for you. Whatever other areas of life you’re interested in–sports, relationships, the arts, sexuality, etc.–there’s a workshop for you. We believe the Gospel changes everything, so just about everything gets covered at Jubilee.

Who are the speakers and what workshops are offered?
Download the Jubilee app in the App Store or Google Play, or go to atjubilee.com to find this information and much more!

I have a question that’s not listed on here. Should I stand outside in the Quad and shout it into the air?
I mean, you can, but that probably won’t be very effective. Just talk to Sam, Leah, or anyone on the Harbor leadership team, and they’ll be quite excited to tell you more!

Alright, I’m convinced! How do I sign up?
Sweet! Go to www.jubileeconference.com and register! And click here for some instructions that will help you through the registration process!