Jubilee Registration Instructions


Jubilee CCO Logo_black.pngHow to Register

  1. Go to www.jubileeconference.com and click Register.
  2. Under Select registration type, select STUDENT Registration Fee.
  3. Type in your email and click Continue.
  4. Type in your personal info. Under School, select Slippery Rock University.
    Under CCO Staff Person, you can find
    Leah Hornfeck or Sam Levy in the
    drop-down menu. Click
  5. Under lodging options, select 4 per room and click Continue.
  6. Create a password so you can login later if needed.
  7. Type in your payment amount.  
    *You only have to pay $50 now, but you can pay the entire cost if you want.
    Make sure the amount in the box is what you want to pay RIGHT NOW.
  8. Click Finish and you’re done!
  9. Get on social media and tell the world you’re going to #jubilee2018!